Terms and Conditions

Specific Terms and Conditions in relation to Covid19. This is based on 2020 rules. It may change if there are new rules. 

  1. Customers will agree to help us abide by the rules put in place for social distancing.
  2. Currently we are not allowed to open our changing rooms for customer use. (phase 1 and 2).
  3. In the unlikely event of a rescue/emergency we will obviously reserve the right to breach these rules if needs be.
  4. Any bookings made by the customer for a future date will be refunded by us in full should there be in any changes to the road map which may effect  bookings made.

Our normal Terms and Conditions.

  1. For lessons in a group all kids should be aged 8 or over and able to swim.
  2. Students must abide by instructions set out by coaches at all times, specifically in relation to safety.
  3. We are not responsible for personal belongings left at our changing rooms.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel a lesson at any time due to adverse unsafe conditions. Full refunds will be given in the case of us cancelling a booking for any reason.

Cancelation of lessons and refunds.

If a customer cancels a lesson in advance refunds are given as follows:

1. more than 5 days notice: full refund.

2. 48hrs - 5 days 50% refund.

3. less than 48hrs : no refund.

Generally speaking we can fill slots anyway during July and August but we need notice...Even if it is last minute when we fill them we are more than happy to fully refund.