Surf Rentals

We have a range of surfboards and wetsuits for hire at both Inch and Banna beach. We rent beginner surfboards ranging from 6 foot to 10 foot. We also have a number of more advanced beginner boards with a soft top and slick bottom, which is a good option if you have already done a few lessons.

We dont rent hardboards as our new range of Zeus softboards are better than most hardboards we have tried.

To rent equipment you will need agree to our terms and conditions and leave something on the beach as a deposit (credit card, car keys, etc).

Rental Prices (at inch all rentals are 90 mins long and not hourly, i.e 15euro  for a board and suit)

Equipment Price per hour
board (soft) 10
wetsuit 5
board & suit 10

Please be aware that rentals are dependent on the weather conditions and the person having some surfing experience (ie: taken at the least a beginner surf lesson).

We dont take reservations for equipment rentals so its just show up at the beach. We also dont do overnight rentals. 

We don't have a card machine at either Inch or Banna beach so if you need to pay by card you can use either of the links below.
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