Weekend Surf Packages

If your determined to get your surfing off to a quick start, the weekend course is for you. 2 lessons over the weekend with unlimited 'practise hours' included in the price means a lot of water time, so you are sure to get a good grounding in the basics.

After your weekend course we will have popping up to your feet in one go and you will be starting to learn how to turn your surfboard and look towards catching 'green waves'.

Package Includes

One Lessons on Saturday and one on Sunday with unlimited use of equipment in between.

  • Covers all the basics: from warm-up, to paddling, to catching waves and standing.
  • Popping to your feet up in one go...yes 'one' go, no knees here
  • Learning how to turn your surfboard.
  • Catching green waves
  • Important surf safety and of course
  • Your own qualified and experienced surf coach

The Cost for the weekend course is €115, 2 *surf lessons and as many extra hours as you want with any of our equipment over the weekend. We have many different sizes and types of boards and you can try them all.