booking confirmed

If you are seeing this page it means we have received your booking and all is
well. Thanks a lot! The first morning (Monday) of the camp is normally pretty busy so
if you could arrive at least 10 minutes before hand that would be great.

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  1. Tom – trust all well.
    Sean and Ciaran are returning to Surf Camp again this year all the way from Bonnie Scotland!
    We are over early this year and will be at Inch from Monday 28 June.
    It was nice to meet you at Inch back in September, perhaps if you are over there again we will see you or maybe we’ll make a trip up to Banna for a change one day on the second week.

    1. Post

      Great stuff Iain, we will look forward to seeing you and the boys again.
      Smurf will be running the camp again but I’ll be around for sure.
      We have also a few other very regular customers like yourselves
      coming that week so it should be fun! Safe travelling & Thanks. Tom

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