intermediate surf lessons at inch and banna beach in county kerry
Improver Surf Lessons

Improver surf lessons are run our level two qualified instructor's and are the best way to get your surfing to the next level. We build on what you have learnt as a beginner, correct any bad habits you may have picked up (like we all do) and set you up with a plan going forward to improve your surfing every time you set foot on your board again.

There are a few basic prerequisites before you are ready to join one of our improver lessons, a few of which are...

  • You can paddle into a wave (white or unbroken) under your own steam and dont need help catching your own waves.
  • Stand up and ride it for at least 5 seconds.
  • You can do all this reasonably consistently, for example catch and ride a wave at least 10 times in one hour.

If you feel you are not quiet at this level yet, feel free to take one of our beginner lessons or just practise a but more until you are able.

Our improver classes are run with a maximum of 6 students per class and ideally we want people to sign up for 3 lessons so we can really make a plan of action for you going forward. Booking a few lessons will also allows us the time to us video analysis , which is a really beneficial tool for fast tracking improvement.

Some of the main things we focus on for improvers are.

  • Perfecting your pop up in one step.
  • Understanding a surf line up anywhere and knowing where to position yourself.
  • Catching unbroken green waves.
  • Riding A LOT of waves per session.
  • Turning, cut backs and much more.