New Look Website

Our new website is being tested at the moment so hopefully everything works ok.

Aside from all the content from our old site we hope to start blogging a little for 2012 and keep you more up to date with surf in Kerry and news from the surfing world.

If anyone is experiencing problems with our new website please do email [email protected] and let me know…

thanks & happy surfing

Kingdomwaves Surf School

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  1. hey tom and gang this is kate fleury i do surfing wit kingdom waves every year at summer on banna beach i do it with zara finn emilie finn and karen o mahony i hope i will be doing it this year and if i am i cant wait to do it im loveing the hoodies i got a baby pink one and a grey one as i write this i am wearing my grey hoodie c ya soon bye yours kate fleury

    1. Post

      Hey Kate, yes how could we forget you girls 🙂 great to hear your still rocking the hoodie(s). Hope to see you again in the Summer too!

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