Weekend Courses

If your determined to get your surfing off to a quick start, the weekend course is for you. 3 lessons over the weekend means a lot of water time so you are sure to get a good grounding in the basics.

After 3 lessons we will have popping up to your feet in ONE go and you will be starting to learn how to turn your surfboard and look towards catching ‘green waves’.

2 Lessons on Saturday (morning and afternoon) and one on Sunday.


  • Covers all the basics: from warm-up, to paddling, to catching waves and standing.
  • Popping to your feet up in one go…yes ‘one’ go, no knees here
  • Learning how to turn your surfboard.
  • Catching green waves
  • Important surf safety and of course
  • Your own qualified and experienced surf coach

 Week-long Courses

The week course is a step up and covers the lot. 5 consecutive days means close to 10 hours spent in the water in one week. This is a lot of time to get your technique right, perfect in fact and really get your new found surfing journey into top gear. If you are local or visiting kerry for a longer period then it is really worthwile to take a week long course.

Includes ALL the above in our weekend course Plus

  • Understanding where waves come from.
  • How to read weather charts and interpret surf forecasts.
  • much much more than we can include here!