Jennifer, James, Ellie and Emma had the best week taking surf lessons with Jason on Banna Beach. They thought Jason was such a great instructer who shared all his knowledge with them and explained everything from safety in the water to getting the big waves. He thought them great surfing skills and also had such great fun with them. We will definitely be back. It was the best money spent all this summer and our children are totally hooked. Looking forward to next Summer already.
My niece and nephew, Ciara & Matthew, enjoyed the most fantastic week of their lives at their first surf camp in Inch during the week of July 30/August 3rd. Thanks a million to Peter and Smurf for giving them an appreciation and love of surfing…they’re now back in Cork on the lookout for the “big Cahoola”-see ye again next year! 🙂
By: Anne O Sullivan
Thanks a million to everyone at Kingdom waves for a great day’s surfing with my Ty group on Friday. The instructors were very professional, safety conscious and great fun. Myself and all of my students had a fantastic day and I would recommend kingdom waves to anyone. Thanks again
By: PJ McCoole
St Mary’s Mallow
Hi Tom, Sorry for taking so long to write back to you guys to let you know that the kids who attending the lessons from 5-9th July – Jack, Ben & Therese – had an absolute whale of a time and are confirmed fans of surfing at this stage. In fact Therese – the 11 year old – has actually gone to Donegal this week hoping to show off all she learnt and next week we’re all meeting up in Wexford….with a surfboard! By all accounts you and your team were completely supportive, engaging and encouraging to them all – regardless of age or skills level – and I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks and best wishes from the kids. They’ll definitely be back to you next time they’re in the kingdom. all the best, Yvonne

By: Yvonne

Hi Tom, Smurf, Jayo, Yes its been and gone another fab summer surfing with Kingdom Waves on Inch beach. I have 3 girls Ellen 17, and the twins Sarah and Eimear are 13 this is they’re 4th great year of surfing with the lads they are fantastic. Tom you have the best crew working with you Smurf and J are just the best, professional, kind and safety aware.The girls have learnt to respect the sea, understand the tides and much much more they are confident in the water. They have learnt awareness while learning how to surf and have fun they can catch the waves stand on the board and ride the waves they love it and they also have made many friends on the camps.

Patience is a virtue and the lads have it is abundance. one of the twins have cerebral palsy and the lads are just so good with her they have her kneeling on the board and got her to standing what an achievement, they just love Smurf and Jayo so thank you Tom for giving Sarah this wonderful chance and the girls last year they were dancing at the worlds in Kerry and had to do one day Surfing camp so same on the cards for next year I could not recommend Tom, Smurf and Jayo highly enough Kingdom Waves in our opinion is the number one Surf School heres to many more years of surfing thanks lads x the Wards 🙂

By: Nathalie Ward

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  1. After coming back time and time again we have just completed our 5th year of Summer Surfing Camp with Kingdom Waves. As with the previous camps the girls had a blast the professionalism, safety aspects and patience, good humour and commitment remains high on the lads list of priorities. A big surfing Thank you to Smurf Jayo Tom Barry and Tim . Tom you have a fantastic crew behind you Smurf and Jayo thanks so much for all the fun. Smurf thanks for always keeping things safe and the special way you look after a sarah it means so much. The girls look forward to there Summer Camp so here’s to next year x

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