Summer Surf Camps (scroll down for booking form)

We run surf lessons everyday for kids of all ages but by far the best way to learn is by joining one of our Surf Camps. Our camps are run by the most experienced surf coaches in Kerry (if not Ireland), with coaching experience ranging anywhere from 5- 15 years!

The Summer Camps run every morning from 10am-11:45am for 5 consecutive days Monday to Friday. Along with teaching kids to surf, the week gives us a chance to teach a little bit of water safety and general ocean awarness each day, which accumulates into some very useful knowledge learned over the course of a week.

We have been running week long surf camps since 2005 and they are hugely popular, ‘the best week of the Summer’ is something we are happy to hear a lot 🙂 . Please book well in advance to secure your place.

The camps run every morning from 10am-11:45am for 5 consecutive Monday to Friday and we run every week during June, July and August
2017 will be our 13th year of running camps so we like to think we’re pretty good at it by now! We get tremendous feedback from parents and kids on our camps with the week being ‘the highlight’ of a lot of kid’s Summers.

All of our instructors are qualified instructors and beach lifeguards and all have also completed the Irish Sports Council’s course – code of etiquette for working with children in sport. On top of this all our instructors have vast surf experience and all have been surfing for at least 15 years.

Swimming Togs, towel and a bottle of water for after is all that is needed. We provide 5mm warm winter suits for kids even during the summer months so cold is never an issue. The easiest option is for kids to wear their swimwear under their clothes so it’s easy to change at the beach.
Only €90 Euro for 5 Days!

Surf Camp Booking Form

Details for up to 8 people can be entered into one form. Please remember to add all names and ages if booking more than one child.

Automatic confirmation will come via email and our website.